Run in Central Park.
Swim in Miami.
Bike up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco.

Whatever it is that you have in mind for your U.S. adventure, your roundtrip tickets are on us!


The AHC Trip to U.S. Promo is exclusive to the members and members-to-be of the ActiveHealth Community. All you need to do is to update your ActiveHealth profile, and you're good!

Terms and Conditions

    Duration of the Promo
    The FREE ROUND TRIP TICKET TO THE US promo (“Trip to US Promo”) will run from November 7 to December 7, 2016 (“Promo Period”).
    Who can Join
    The Promo is open to all members of the ActiveHealth Community who meet the following criteria:

    Who sign-up to the ActiveHealth Community Program (AHC) through the AHC website at or the AHC app (ActiveHealth Community)

    Who are registered participants of any ActiveHealth race since 2010 to present

    An ActiveHealth registered participant is defined as a person whose name appears in the list of registrants’ database of ActiveHealth races.

    Unilab ActiveHealth employees whether regular or consultant, are not eligible to participate in this Promo.
    How to Join
    To qualify for the promo an ActiveHealth registrant must

    Sign up and validate his/her registration data using the ActiveHealth registration data cleansing activity. An invite for data cleansing will be sent via email from

    Accomplish and complete his/ her profile in the ActiveHealth Community My Profile page.

    How to Earn Raffle Entries
    How to earn a raffle entry

    Sign-up to AHC is equivalent to 1 raffle entry.

    A member must complete his/ her athletic profile with photo.

    For every P200 worth of purchase in the ActiveHealth Online Shop will earn him/her an additional one raffle entry.

    Only completed transactions in the ActiveHealth Online Shop qualifies for the raffle promo.

    The qualified AHC Member will receive an email notification containing the raffle entries.
    Announcement of Winner
    Announcement of winner for the promo will be on December 9, 2016.

    Travel period is from December 2016 to October 2017.
    Booking of Flight and Ticket-Related Terms
    All fees and charges to be imposed by United Airlines in booking the round trip ticket shall be for the account of the winning AHC member.

    The AHC Member is responsible for booking the flight directly through United Airlines.

    The AHC Member shall be responsible for acquiring travel-related documents at his/her own cost and for all other travel-related expenses, incidental charges and personal expenses.

    All queries regarding the booking of the flight and ticket-related concerns shall be directed to United Airlines.
    General Terms
    Promo is subject to United Airlines Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Passengers and Baggage, and Travel Regulations.

    The offer is transferable and may not be converted to cash.

    In case of dispute with respect to the AHC Member’s eligibility, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc., ActiveHealth’s decision shall prevail.

    Employees of Unilab, Unilab Active Health Inc, Arcs & Grid, Bike King and RunRio Inc are disqualified from availing of this promo.

    All queries regarding this Promo shall be directed to Unilab Customer Care Center through the following hotline – (632) 864-5221.

    Any amendment in the terms and conditions governing the offer is subject to prior DTI approval.

    All information is accurate at time of posting.

Per DOH-FDA CDRR Permit No. 543 s. 2016