The Progressive Athlete Profiles – Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos 30 SECONDS TO GO: THE PERFECT MOMENT   At the 2015 edition of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, a lone runner, a lady struggling the last few kilometers, in obvious pain, crossed the finish line. As she got closer to the end, more and more people gathered around her, cheering her on with… Continue Reading

The Progressive Athlete Profiles – Ernest Carual

Ernest Carual A LEG TO RUN ON   It is an inspiring sight. A man crosses a finish line, seemingly, on one good leg and the other, supported by what looks to be a bent pipe. This is Ernest Carual. At The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, Ernest finished in what seems to some as improbable… Continue Reading

The Progressive Athlete Profiles – Mildred P. Jocano-Tormes

Mildred P. Jocano-Tormes A RUNNER PAYS IT FORWARD   It began with a free race kit. Mildred J. Tormes chanced upon running when a friend from church happened to have an extra 5k kit. Mildred, a grade school Language, Reading and Art teacher, previously never thought about getting into running. Exercise for her consisted of… Continue Reading

The Progressive Athlete Profiles – Tin Fontanillas

Tin Fontillas ANYONE CAN TRI Like most athletes, Tin Fontillas’ entry into the world of sports started out with her as a spectator. She was watching as a fan of her husband’s at the Ironman competition in CamSur. After the competition, she went home, inspired. Tin began entertaining thoughts of becoming a triathlete. While this… Continue Reading

Triathlon Inspirations

Tri United series winners Augusto Benedicto learned how to bike as a delivery boy, and Lezette Albarote learned how to swim at 35.   Be inspired with tips from these champions.   It was a scorching hot day when triathletes Augusto Benedicto and Lezette Albarote crossed the finish line in the recent Tri United 3… Continue Reading